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There has never been a time when holidays were celebrated by everyone. But there has been a time when it seemed like that – when an individual’s experience seems like a culture’s experience seems like every other individual’s experience. 

There are obvious differences, like holidays that are religion-based. And there are subtle and individual differences, like Memorial Day feeling different for a family that has lost a loved one in military service. But relatively recently, more mainstream media attention has been focused on what might be termed political or historical holidays, like Independence Day or the Fourth of July, and those for who mourn the day. 

In other words, our cultural sensibilities are shifting to encompass a more complete version of our shared history and how it impacts ourselves and our families today. Businesses are listening and starting to act differently on social media and with their messaging. Listen in as Michelle and JoyGenea discuss the many questions that surround small business owners who may be struggling to find the path that will best serve their goals.