How can you possibly work while you’re on vacation? From your family or friends pressuring you to ‘relax’ and ‘let go,’ to all the unexpected challenges of travel to the basic desire to do fun things while you’re out of town, working remotely on the go is certainly challenging.

JoyGenea’s current trip isn’t a vacation. Resetting her mind to working on the road is helping her to keep her business running while visiting other locations. And, helps to ensure her time off is really time off.

It’s incredibly difficult for small business owners to ‘get away.’ If only because our businesses need our daily or weekly attention to run smoothly. And the workload just waits for us when we get home. Listen in today to hear about another way to think about traveling while owning a small business. You really can work, live, and play mindfully and thoughtfully by thinking about your time and location a little differently.