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If you could go back and tell your pre-pandemic self something, what would it be?

That’s the question that Michelle springs on JoyGenea in this episode of If These Heels Could Talk. If you could write a letter and your pre-pandemic self would read it, what would it say? 

Hear about everything from being resilient to change, to turning off the news faster, to just plain chilling out. Listen in as JoyGenea and Michelle talk about what they have learned, what they think is still coming, and why we should all embrace life without the concept of normal.


Hi everybody Welcome to if these heels could talk I’m Michelle with bad cat digital and i’m JoyGenea with solutions by JoyGenea and welcome welcome welcome today we are going to discuss a topic that JoyGenea doesn’t know about I’m super excited she does this to me all the time I do yes all the time and I know I’m nervous but I’m kind of looking forward to finally doing this to you know I like that so on our social media a couple of weeks ago we recommended a book that I have been reading a book called why didn’t anybody tell me this stuff stuff in deference to the Apple cursing police enzyme JoyGenea’s sensitive delicate night why didn’t anyone tell me this stuff and what it is is a book about well it’s it’s written by several female entrepreneurs.

Who have all written a letter to themselves and it’s a letter that they wrote to themselves you know at a challenging point in their lives so of the ones that I have bread we have things like just starting the business or the 2008 financial crisis there’s a suicide attempt in there there’s a divorce there’s I’m sure there’s going to be several of those.

There’s a lot of a child so women writing women writing to themselves maybe twenty years past a difficult a particularly difficult point in their lives and I’ve been thinking what would we write to our pre-pandemic self.

What would we have written what what would you write today.

As advice.

To your pre-pandemic self from 2 years ago.

Chill out.

Chill out chill out this is a really short podcast if that’s your entire. There’s a lot of things I would have.

In hindsight.

Chill out would have been one of them.

Another one is you’ll actually do better at this than you think.

Yeah I would have definitely it would be not to do just told me that you’re going to be fine just keep doing everything that you know how to do and help as many people as you can along the way which yeah that was my Approach over.

Oh there would be more don’t worry about stockpiling the toilet paper there was a lot of fear I think that would have been another thing I would have to learn to let you know and then just let go like you don’t let go of that everyday yeah they’re not going to that would be another thing they’re not actually going to figure this out in a way you’re going to like so just be okay with that. Like. Searching for a stocking like it’s just going to be confusing the whole time so just stopped yeah I slept kind of things I think I would have told myself that that there is no.

Returning to normal.

Oh that’s true we listen back to our podcast during that time yeah that that’s something that still causing a lot of Anguish and anxiety despair depression people are challenged because their lives have changed in some way or another that maybe they didn’t ask for one or expect.

And I think people are holding on to the expectation that life will go back somehow.

I suppose I got shoved out of that Nest yeah I did too I got shut down in April when my dad died right at that point I knew nothing whatever man normal again like that was done so I guess I started embracing a whole different ride but the sense that that something’s not quite right or it’s not fair or it’s not.

People are people are creating some English in their lives that that somehow magically tomorrow we’re all going to wake up and everything is going to be back and the shelves are going to be full of things again at stores and there’s not going to be long wait times at restaurants and hotels you don’t need to make an appointment to open a new bank account but you don’t need to make an appointment over the world has fundamentally changed and I don’t know that it’s all been bad I think a lot of people have reassessed with their values and their priorities and they they’re spending more time with your kids spending more time with her partner you know what yet people have have Ballantrae balance their lives in a way that I think overall is healthier and from the point of view of an employer not many employers are going to say that yeah because well they’re doing it they’re leaving early on the cultures. An unhappy jobs and but you know they were unhappy before so.

I think that this concept of normal is is something that.

I think some people just fundamentally hang onto really really hard and this kind of resiliency to change is something that.

I’m not everybody has and I hung on to it I was clinging to it I was really I was like just just hang on we’ll just get through this and then everything will be back again but it won’t sales have fundamentally changed the business has fundamentally changed yes our approach to meetings has fundamentally changed and some of it’s actually been good. Blocks away because the meetings shorter the the there’s no driving anywhere we don’t have to decide whose office to go to that there’s fewer pleasantries and dealing with the parking in the going up and down the elevator and and whatever it is I mean all of that adds time to your day and when you have six or seven meetings a day can add two hours.

And were you getting that much more out of those interested no wasn’t creating more productivity how it was actually it was it was.

It was creating a I would say I would say we have to work harder to create the same amount of connection through a through a zoom but it’s certainly done in a less in a lower time frame.

Yes because you know if the meeting is only 20 minutes.

If that’s all you have to cover nobody feels like they have to stick around so a 20-minute meeting in person might become an hour long meeting just because yeah you’re there and you made all of the effort and are you sure there’s nothing else for us to talk about yeah but a zoom call I mean I can pick up the phone and call you anytime so what do you have for me what do I have for you 10 minutes later we’re done and.

That’s interesting I can pay you back on that really easily because just last week I got to meet the new director of one of the foundation’s I’m part of sure I’ve never met him and normally we would have met at my office or probably met at a coffee place right.

In 40 minutes we did have a time in 40 minutes if we actually made quite a few good human connection moments in that conversation I get that like I get that that’s his thing yeah beyond that I was sitting there thinking you know.

If we had been in a coffee house or something like we used to be how many people would have walked in the door and destroys interrupted or do we have just been with the atmosphere over all right how comfortable would have been too had a couple of the conversations we did have about think public versus would have probably three meetings and he needs me to you know what I mean he’s working on arm boarding all of us and enrolling Us in the tasks that he’s got you know his Gomez and initiative and rolled in 40 minutes.

Then if we sat in the coffeehouse at man so I can perlita’s you’re more comfortable right yeah yeah and that’s and that’s and that’s down two different people you know different things but before people were really resistant to virtual conference calls they were really resistant I tried with a couple of the clients that I had that word you know 15-20 minutes away.

And I would say things like well either we do this and what you have all of these times to pick from or if I’m coming there we can really only do it at this time and people would move their schedule drive across town in and that’s okay if that’s what you know not hear you Different Strokes for different folks but now people are so much more comfortable with it yeah and it really does add a lot of productive time back into the day when I’m not driving and drive time is great I love drive time to think but when you’re driving and even the modest City traffic that we have cuz I’m not in a delusional do the pay attention to pay attention it’s not like being out on the highway and you know kind of floating in and out and no I mean it’s not like you can’t write anything down and you can’t answer emails and can barely eat while you’re driving and I don’t you know I don’t like to multitask when I drive despite what my husband thinks I’m totally. Just drive I was in the same boat so I was starting out and doing it remotely with people and they would just fight me on it was their own mental block right you’re getting in the way of yourself right you have a hundred percent access to all the same things actually write your tools by us doing it this way for right and I’m like in your belief that you can’t get as much out of this you don’t have as much access to something amazing and like that’s on you yeah but still it was a hurdle in Sunbury Ridge apartment. I think I think that would be something I would write to myself is you know.

The we don’t even know yet obviously how in what way is the world has fundamentally changed our world has fundamentally changed but it has and you know I think back to the conversation we had a couple of weeks ago about to completion and people are kind of assuming that businesses are going to go back and do things the way they used to that’s not going to happen today right cuz there’s no incentive for them to do that they’re making you know they still have to increase prices and skimp on value both of those things will have to happen in this and they’re not it’s only going to magically wake up one day and decrease them when it’s when it’s a more favourable environment this make higher profits is what we all do like why would we think that you know General Mills is going to treat business any differently than we would.

That’s the reality of that’s the reality of it is all of the prices are going to go up and stay up it’s called yes it’s called insulation it has a name and that’s what happened by the way every year called.

Every year you know the idea that this is going to be bigger than the normal but every year it happened so every year prices go up you just don’t see it though and typically you most companies give price of price of living increases to pay.

Annually so you don’t really see the difference in your life but you know small businesses to raise prices as much as corporations do they raise prices and bigger jumps cuz there cuz it cost a lot to actually raise prices and everything inventory everything read database everything relisted on your website like it’s a giant pain in the butt.

You know nothing has changed particularly in your world.

Social media landscape is completely different level of social media World shifted in the last two years and we’re looking at that we’re looking at our packages and looking at what we do and what we provide and saying we’re not ready.

For this next wave or not the what we do and what we provide is not set up for that because the next wave is all set up for video and so we need to find a way to workout workflow with our clients around that and I spend some time at the beginning of the pancake breakfast thinking about what would be different and I really thought that virtual trade shows in Virtual events were going to be a thing and so we were looking at software and doing their things had some clients about it but at the end of the day when I realized is that the reason people go not not not people not vendors for the reason that people go to trade shows is to hang out with her friends in the industry and so virtual trade shows maybe a thing as maybe a thing but really they just feel more like infomercials then trade shows because you’re not. Hang out with your friends so you know I agree with that but I’m also seeing conferences moving conference is Ronaldo are moving which conferences are the access to that information or them posting classes or and it’s gotten a lot less expensive because you don’t have to travel with a huge cost and be there they’re changing the ticket prices to reflect this new access Po and they’re tearing it differently so that if you don’t listen to it live no problem for a lower price you can get it a week later you know like a week is really going to have access to for a while and then I went that for 30 days yeah it’s it’s really a cool it’s really a cool Dynamic so conferences are going virtual I really thought trade shows would too but then I realized that the fundamental need was on the vendors and vendors are sales people and salespeople are typically extrovert and brats who I see leading. People that I know going to trade shows are vendors they couldn’t wait like the extroverts and now we’re just like I can’t wait to see the other people I need to get together like we need something is that even their world is changing because customers not necessarily aren’t necessarily going to be there so they might go button I don’t know that it’ll be a successful.

Marketing tactic and icing companies will start to evaluate the cost of it differently and I think that a lot of their tools are going to end up being virtual anyway so I don’t know I think the trade show as we know it or I think the trade shows we know it is Shifting yeah I think that’s a bit later that’s totally entire statement that there is some Industries where it’s really difficult to replace you don’t have the equipment to things like that things you want to see in person but frankly it’s I mean it’s the barrier to making of an animated video out of a 3D CAD rendering is really low and dream we can get what they need out of that enough to determine okay well instead of sending somebody to trade show to look at a hundred different machines I’m going to pick which one I want to look at out of these 3D you know rendering animations and then I’m going to send one person to one company to look at their machine and now all of a sudden. Making the machines doesn’t have the cost of shipping or setting up for yeah it’s it’s shifting fundamentally.

Why does everything have to be labeled good or bad I think it’s morally neutral I really don’t work on really hard on that aspect of perception I would say that’s what I’m taking out of the something that Terry and it’s one of the things that I have taken out of this pancake breakfast has been my deep and Abiding Love for Tik Tok and one of the people on Tik-Tok that I followed her handle is domestic blisters and she talks about what she post that are but her whole thing is that.

Half care tasks and I would extended new business philosophies are morally neutral you make the best decision you can with the information and tools you have in front of you at the 10 at the moment in time that you can’t second-guess that you can’t go back and forth know her whole thing is cleanliness is not Next to Godliness that’s not what this is and you don’t need to judge yourself harshly for not having perfect children in a perfect house analysis and perfect that and it’s an excellent message but I talked about food that way she has to everything that way and I really think that we could extend it into something like these kinds of changes world is Shifting no are we going to sit here and say it’s for the better or not I don’t think so and I don’t know and frankly I think it’s going to be different for everybody and every situation and I think every situation is a shade of gray so I’m just going to say it’s fundamentally shifting in the letter that I write to my. Yes.

Pre-pandemic is.

Get used to change raised its don’t expect it to go back there is no such thing as normal to go back to because that’s a delusion as well I actually appreciate the fact that we blew that up I went through I actually came out of the last year-and-a-half 18 months whatever having blown up normal yeah I noticed that blown up normal I got rid of perfect yeah so and came to peace with this is it radical acceptance just great-grandma right now I’m fine happy all the time doesn’t mean I’m happy all the time doesn’t mean that. To be happy all the time but that’s the point more normal to be happy all the time I can just feel what I feel in the moment and then steal something else tomorrow yes so that’s how I would write it to myself before the pancake breakfast and I was at challenge anybody. Listening in to think about what would you tell your pre-pandemic self what would you say about business about your family about about anything what would you warn them what would you tell them to expect what years would you help take away from them what would you tell your pre-pandemic self if you wrote them a letter.

That’s it for if you still can talk thank you JoyGenea for letting me bring this topic on you waiting and thank you so much you did very well with it and you’re right chill out so 20 minutes and we’re going to end in the same space chill out everybody have a great day.