You had literally one job. We all love these memes online that show something simple going wrong, like a manhole cover with pain misaligned from the road or a fast food counter covered in chocolate milkshake from a spill. It should have been easy – it’s just one job. Is messing it up incompetence?

What if it’s not so benign – like the mechanic who thinks that knocking sound might be the super expensive thing when it turns out there’s an acorn in the engine. Or something. Is the mechanic taking advantage of the consumer to suggest investigating both?

Truth is, when we’re on the receiving end of somebody’s work not going correctly, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is our response. Because in most situations, there’s only so much we can control. And our response, as a consumer or coworker, is what turns a simple mistake into something that impacts our day and our relationships.

Listen in as Michelle and JoyGenea ask the question. And discuss whether or not the answer even matters.