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Next year will be the year for…what? Setting a theme for the year isn’t about resolutions or goals, but intention. It’s not as specific (or pressure-filled), but can help you focus other efforts for the year ahead.

Goals and resolutions can feel like pressure to perform, where a theme for the year can be a more flexible way to focus on the overall picture of the business and your decision-making. If you’ve never found goals to be helpful, try a theme first. Then work up to goal setting with third party who can help make the goal-setting and tracking more accessible.

Listen in as Michelle and JoyGenea talk about setting a theme and their ideas for the upcoming year.


1:45 Setting and identifying your goals

2:39 Making your goals realistic

4:16 Challenge yourself to create an achievable goal

5:17 Discuss your goals with a life coach

6:33 Find a word or an object that will symbolize your goal for the year

9:08 Making the decision as a sustainable solution

10:08 Difference between goal setting and theme creation

12:06 Year-end wrap up and visualize what will be the next year for you by writing 

13:21 Focus on your goals

13:56 Be always prepared for unexpected circumstances 

15:00 Setting a theme for the upcoming year is about setting an intention

16:26 Get a life coach to keep you in perspective

19:04 Set a theme for your business

19:45 Have the courage to face challenges for newly set goals 






Scoot your butt back by hello and welcome. I’m JoyGenea, owner of…Solutions by JoyGenea. It is so early this morning we don’t know what our business is called anymore and I’m Michelle with Bad Cat Digital. Wow, distracting.



Well welcome to If These Heels Could Talk. It is our last episode of this year and we’re recording it right before the end of the year. It will come out right before the beginning of the year and so come out right after break and so the temptation to talk about goals or resolution is really really hard to resist. So we’re not going to resist it as a coach. Yes, I live in that world we talk in that world yes but you had a really good point yeah for a lot of people resolutions or even just goal setting is like a formal exercise probably paralyzer. Stressful and overwhelming.



I will and I will add to that I’m also learning and I have known this for years with clients.

You’re right it can’t, they want to set those goals right. They do, we sit down, we do that, we set up the goals. They get all excited and then yeah and then I’m actually doing a goal setting session with my coach later today and I kind of panicking a little bit inside because I didn’t like it.


1:45 Setting and identifying your goals

Bring them all out ahead of time. Does the creation of the goals become stressful or is the implementation of the goals, is that more stressful? I think they go together, because okay it’s the inevitable failure of the goals.  Stomach that’s why.  Can you, do you take,  you put too much on your plate and so working this is the first time I’ve worked for the coach to set goals is really going to be helpful and I think it is but even when she told me 2 weeks ago that we were going to do this I kind of had a moment. Yeah because I was like. “What? This has never worked out well for me.”


2:39 Making your goals realistic

I think that truthfully, that has to be explored realistically. I’ve had a few clients definitely come up with that. I’ve also had a few that don’t. They want to set the girls to leave their aggressiveness there like right around. I want to send all my goals and then the second. One of those goals does not happen. Right. Right, not on a bull a blow the whole thing and so we’re learning that’s kind of their ammo. Yeah,well  one of the things we are having a previous episode we talked about is the YouTuber Mark Rober and his TED Talk.



About failure vacations remember we touch up on yeah. That’s what this is. So many of us are kind of high-functioning, typing, high achievers, super perfectionists. So the minute it doesn’t pan out the way that we thought it was going to. Why bother? And then by the way this is why weight loss resolutions fail too. Just so everybody knows if you decide to wake up the first of the year, this year is a Saturday so good luck making it through Tuesday with your weight loss resolution. If you can do it, more power to you, you are a rarity.


4:16 Challenge yourself to create an achievable goal

It’s a challenge and so I guess I’m glad we’re having this conversation. So people can accept where they are in the process. I would tell you also through my coaching and through a lot of the positive intelligence work that I’m doing. People are chipping away at that, keeping that high achiever thing, were able to move past it but if that is not in your goals and agendas for the next coming year don’t make that a thing to go at like that’s a big thing, it’s a giant thing and so what I’m trying to clarify my mind just a couple of things: one is how am I going to explain this to my coach in a way that she can support me the best way she can. By maybe saying I tend to over goal, I tend to try for too many things.


5:17 Discuss your goals with a life coach

Unfocused too fast and set really unrealistic expectations. So maybe I’m just saying that that’s the way that I can set that as an intention in the conversation. So she can watch for these  tendencies. Yes and she knows you all this time and now but let me tell you. Well, and I pick somebody who’s had some similar life challenges as I have and I think that’s helpful to coach. We approach the world in a similar way in subways in other ways radically different but in some ways in a lot of the core, in the core kind of like anxiety and fear ways. We bring down some of what you’re talking about that right when somebody says let’s make a resolution. Let’s do goals for those people that you’re not there, another option. Just creating a theme for the next year.


6:33 Find a word or an object that will symbolize your goal for the year

Typically for me it goes. It’ll become a word but then there’s kind of a visual concept that might be with it and I might even purchase an object that represents and how do you, how do you take a word and represent that is something. I don’t remember I don’t recall last year’s word for myself for 2021 but I do all the object I remember my object I take no responsibility to remember your word. It was about beauty and change. It was about whatever it was so I oh my gosh I hunted on Etsy for a glass blower that did those spheres with the colors is, oh my gosh it’s a glass artist Antigua vs. I bought a little pack that has LED lights in it so it’s lights-out time I turn on my light in my office like I can tell you everything about that every time. See, I’m reminded of my theme.



And when I was working there, there were quite a few times throughout the year that I would be.

Maybe a little frazzled or something like oh that’s right Beauty in the storm for the last year was the system. Sustainable just once us not it’s not over Lisa by the way I found out from a friend who has teenagers that’s us is now canceled.



Nope cancel this, probably canceled but no longer cool just FYI for people out there so my word was sustainable and not environmentally sustainable so we’re talking about people creating themes. So how did that kind of come around where did you so this past year my business celebrated five years and so I kind of felt like I got past initial viability yes this is here yes this is a business yes it’s it’s it’s doing its thing and it’s starting just starting to chug along without me which is awesome and exactly what it needs to be and in no way impacts my emotions negatively when I walk into work after a week and a half and everything’s fine. Not a problem.


9:08 Making decision as sustainable solution

Sustainable is about making sure that the model can scale making sure that the model can sustain without me I can see that in a lot of your decisions it’s like as you say that I’m like yes that explains it explains decisions as small as we’re two people sit in this building yes it explains the building it explains a lot of the way that I chose to spend my time more internally and less outwardly which has had a challenging you no implication in the business is revenue.  But it’s also been absolutely essential because you can’t push more and more and more without the systems and processes to sustain it. If it breaks down, it breaks down. Isn’t that weird.


10:08 Difference between goal setting and theme creation

Getting there I mean obviously this is not something that you achieve. I think that’s why I like themes instead of goals. They feel more ongoing and less final, like I don’t expect to ever spike the football in the endzone of sustainability. Tell me if I had set a goal to be in a certain place in sustainability this year by now I probably would have abandoned it nine months ago.



Did you remain so this was so how did you do, was it because you were in The Mastermind group and it was part of that that you can’t with the theme or yeah so I was a part of that at the beginning of the year but, but leaving that was about the same thing when everything got. Put up against this team when all the decisions and and you know like our core values in her hand book and when all of these decisions got put up against this team and all of a sudden helped clarify decisions and my thing and so it wasn’t so much that I wanted to achieve something specific but I wanted to work on something specific. A theme helps to be a guide.



And something to check it just like mission stay right in value innocent and something to drink mine, it’s part of that yeah and it’s somewhat personal cuz I think that was also in your personal life kind of right because it wasn’t about achieving anything yes it wasn’t about getting anywhere or or finishing something it was just about. This is something that I need to have at the forefront of my mind this year.


12:06 Year end wrap up and visualize what will be the next year for you by writing 

So that’s something you’re going to come to probably later today when you’re working with your coach so every year with my consistent coaching clients we do a year and I call it a urine wrap up and I was taught this by one of my best coaches you do a year end wrap up it’s a variety of slight questions that aren’t challenging they’re not and you just write down the first thing that comes to your mind anyways it’s a group of small questions about wrapping up the year and what you’re going to leave behind sure not move in and then it’s a bunch of questions about what would you like the next year to look like how would you like to feel how it would you like and what we found and then it’s the end you kind of right a little paragraph to yourself about how the house like in this case would be how does 2022 to go and you write well at the end of you know like this happened in that happen if you just write this mythical wish type of thing and typically out of that you can you can tell from how you answer questions to each other, we do this in it for myself. I do this in a group when I’m working with clients. We kind of rainstorm it together to be like you know I heard things under the something about this a little about that and if they don’t find it in that call it.


13:21 Focus on your goals

A week later some awesome like oh my God this is a shopping or something and they’re like yeah like we got it and we’re going to keep going and I put that in the file and I know that we’re checking in on that yeah it’s a year under our theme and you’re right it does really well it does work really well for people to have a see him and inability to just be focused on on a greater thing other than checking the boxes right moving things forward.


13:56 Be always prepare for unexpected circumstances 

And it also breaks down some of the complications of goals because there are, some of the challenges with goals are external, there are circumstances that you can’t control and there it doesn’t always learn that in the last year it doesn’t always feel like the goals are very flexible. Like nine months into 2020.



Oh my gosh there are a lot I do, a lot of people, friends, clients over those were our conversations they’re like. My business plan is a joke this whole thing is a joke like they just wanted to go there like I’m out and then I want to give up not how it works like how do we adapt that’s how we scrapped this whole thing to do some of my real big perfectionist and high achievers I took away the whole thing instead we need to just have him like I used to do this can we see is that still the goal at this point I’m going to go with this way.


15:00 Setting a theme for the upcoming year is about setting intention

Well when you need the flexibility for your own mental sanity, a process. When you have that theme or that word of the year or that focus whatever it is. Whatever you call it. It gives you a measuring stick for your decisions because there’s 732 decisions in a day usually and 730 of them are tiny and two are gigantic. Yeah and sometimes it is surprising too. You did not see that kind. I think it’s one of the seven.  I’m going to be one of the two so they all deserve thought and they all deserve intention and so to me setting a theme for the upcoming year is about setting intention.


16:26 Get a life coach to keep you in perspective

An intention is important, it helps us stay rooted in a variety of different questions and you know if I had goals for last year. Cashflow stuff with a goal like all of these things were goals and I achieved some of them and I didn’t achieve some others and I think the ones that I didn’t achieve suffered a little bit for not being written down so I’m on board with the concept of goal setting with help from somebody who can help me keep them in perspective said I don’t go crazy in my perfectionist space that’s a nice way to put. By bringing a third party so I don’t put too much pressure on them or myself but the theme.



I think over or just all of that and having that as well starting there it gives you a way in and I think setting an intention for the year you don’t have to go any further if you’re not. Ready to go any further but setting an intention for the year keeps you focused. 



One of the ways that Mastermind the woman the business woman that ran that what are the way she helped all of her master my members remember that is she used a local printer to help support them and she had no pads made with your theme on it and I remember this is nice but as I use them throughout the year and she even allowed I know for some people she gave them the printers name because they ordered more bright think they use them and they ordered a great way to keep that seem front-and-center you’re going to write on paper anyway you know what I mean a lot of time here in scrap paper, scrap paper just reminded them of their thing.



And I thought it was a great way to do it if you’re not a paper person and set your background on your word. I have another gal that prints, she makes a night she hire someone on Fiverr so you know how to make it so when she’s brushing her teeth she’s thinking about that demon and now stays so front and center for her so it’s finding what you got your theme and as the years go on it will evolve the third rated.


19:04 Set a theme for your business

Is it doesn’t have to be more, but it doesn’t have anymore and it doesn’t have to be more pressure than that it can just be that simple remember it like I was telling you that all I have to do is pull up my calendar and look on Jan 1 of last year and I put theme and I wrote with the word was so I can find it at any time by doing a quick search will be yeah that’s how I just keep it handy in case I might forget but I have my physical or thing. So I hope we’ve inspired you a little bit to not be too afraid of something simple as next year like having a theme for your business and your goals.


19:45 Have courage to face challenges for newly set goals 

This year especially after the last couple of years that we’ve all had setting some intention for next year can’t hurt and it might even help because. If, knock on wood or something 2022 is also a dumpster fire we’re going to want it and it’ll be a nice thing to have I remember last year at this time everybody was so hopeful let’s just get past 2020 and everything will be fine no that’s not what happened to I think this your people are a little bit more realistic yes and maybe a little bit more pragmatic and maybe losing a little bit of Hope. But I will but I will say this you can set your intention for the year and regardless of what the world does around you can make decisions about your intentions and.



I hope that we’ve encouraged people to do just.I think so. It’s been nice thanks for joining us this week have a great week thanks for joining us at if these Hills could talk be sure to subscribe follow do all of the things subscribe on you to follow on your favorites your favorites and what is the streaming video podcasting platform YouTube now you can also see videos of us recording these sessions were coming out with a new site 2020 to Scott a few things for us all the yeah. Have a great day.