if these heels

could talk

Two women in business exploring their connection to their community, humanity, and themselves.

What’s our podcast about?

Have you ever wondered what happens when women take off their heels for the day and unwind with a glass of red or a finger or two of whiskey? What stories would they tell? What meetings have they walked into unannounced to take back the power?

If These Heels Could Talk takes you behind the scenes with two women in the business world who have seen it all. They’ve been at the bottom of the ladder and the top of the ladder. They’ve been underestimated and they’ve had their ideas stolen. And they’ve also broken through the glass ceiling and started their own successful businesses.

Latest Episodes 

Who’s talking?

Michelle Henderson

Michelle started working in digital marketing after several career ‘false starts’ and started a rapidly growing digital agency in Central Minnesota. An entrepreneur, strategist, and dynamic speaker, Michelle is about tough questions, empowerment, and results.

JoyGenea Schumer

JoyGenea is an early adopter, international neuro-diversity success coach, and entrepreneur. JoyGenea’s coaching business reaches out to people from around the globe searching for business/professional support for their neurodiverse brains (dyslexia, ADHD, and autism). JoyGenea is about direct questions, cheerleading, and dynamic results.